Nana Golden Beach is dedicated to remaining up to date with CDC and WHO guidelines at all times, so as to provide a safe stay for all.

The measures which we are following include:
  • Daily briefing of staff
  • Re-training on instructions provided by the relevant health and governmental authorities in collabora-tion with Ecolab, global leader in hygiene technologies
  • Positive reinforcement of personal hygiene practices
  • The placement of hand sanitising stations in areas such as hotel lobbies and VIP transfers
  • Regular sanitation of public contact points like elevator buttons, reception counters and all hotel facili-ties, before the beginning of the 2020 season and at prompt intervals

We are continuing to carefully monitor the current situation, staying up to date on all new information and working with the relevant health and governmental authorities to keep our guests and the surround-ing communities safe. We thank you for your support and loyalty, which are so valuable to us at this time; before long, we will be reunited under the brilliant Cretan sun, at Nana Golden Beach.