If there is a human activity or a social institution that brings people together, that is certainly tourism. This peacemaking institution is for Nana Golden Beach a social and economic factor for development and independence. "Quality" for Nana Golden Beach means that all services offered do perfectly meet the requirements of the company, the requirements of the legislation on food and the requirements of our guests.


For the implementation of the Quality Assurance Policy, Nana Golden Beach ensures that:

  • Each employee is responsible for the quality of his work
  • Each supervisor is responsible for the quality of his department
  • All employees are informed of the Quality Assurance Procedures and of the Food
    Safety System
  • All the necessary means and resources are provided, in order to achieve the quality
  • All control measures are analyzed and used as part of continuous quality
The Quality Assurance Policy is the pinnacle of the Quality Assurance System in order to achieve the hotel objectives.


Within the Quality Assurance Policy, the management of the hotel has set specific quality objectives which are:

  • Endless effort for the complete and continuous satisfaction as a result of the offered services and products
  • Guests are to be treated with dignity and full professionalism
  • Continuous improvement of our services and the quality of our products
  • Ensuring a comfortable and peaceful accommodation for our guests
  • Create a warm atmosphere for guests on their arrival with friendliness and understanding of their needs being essential
  • Direct and willing response to the demands of our customers
  • Maintaining the best performance of our equipment and premises
  • The aim and objective of the Management, Administration and all Associates at Nana Golden Beach is our commitment to continuously improve the quality of our services. Quality that is expressed through the experience of "Remember that at Nana Golden Beach you had the perfect holidays"