Nana Golden Beach is committed to investing in the communities where it does business through the “Spirit To Serve Our Communities”, corporate social responsibility and community engagement initiatives. The role of Nana Golden Beach is not limited to the benefits of the tourist services that it offers, but the hotel also aims to actively support initiatives that contribute to the betterment of society. Nana Golden Beach is a member of SETE and the Hotelier Chamber.


Nana Golden Beach collaborates with tourism schools and gives the students the opportunity to gain practical experience in the hotel divisions. At the same time, the hotel aspires to employ the majority of its personnel from the local community of Heraklion. Nana Golden Beach supports the local market by buying products from regional suppliers whenever feasibly possible. In order to help associations and institutions, Nana Golden Beach donates equipment, furniture and clothing from renovations. Donations and sponsorship are given to charitable institutions and cultural activities in Crete on a regular basis.

Nana golden works with environmental organisations such as the Hellenic society for the Protection of Nature for the Blue Flag and Green Key programs, as well as the environmental organisation Legambiente for the Clean Up The Med program.

Sponsorship is given to athletic associations and important economic aid to the Heraklion OFI football team, the Municipalities of Heraklion and Chersonissos, the Nikos Kazantzakis Foundation and to local hospitals, institutions and monasteries. On a cultural level, the KARATZIS S.A. Group has participated in the return of one painting of El Greco to Heraklion and in the film of director Yannis Smaragdis which relates to the life and works of the acclaimed artist. On issues of technology and research, the KARATZIS S.A Group has been a sponsor in congresses held by various academic institutions and has also financed research into subjects of general interest in the University of Crete and the Foundation for Research and Technology.