Escape from everyday life and treat yourself to some time out in our hotel's wellness area. Experience a world of relaxation and rejuvenation and let our experienced team pamper you.

At Nana Golden Beach, the Royal Wellness Club awaits you, inspired by the modern elegance of the Italian brand Starpool, a world leader in wellness concepts. Especially in the wet area, the steam bath impresses with its glass facade and luxurious spa décor.

The Wellness Club also offers spa visitors the Glamour Sauna Pro designed by Cristiano Mino. Lovers of Nordic sauna culture can rejoice: the Glamour Sauna adds a modern touch to the traditional sauna ambience thanks to its functional design and careful selection of high-quality materials. At the same time, unique, artistic details convey the charm, elegance and fascination of Italian craftsmanship.

Please note: Access to the spa is permitted from the age of 18. Persons under 18 years of age require parental permission and children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by their parents. Access to the indoor pool/wet area is not permitted for children.


At Nana Golden Beach, the spa experience is taken to a new level by visiting the rest area, which resembles a stone cave. Here, our guests can not only relax but also feel the beneficial effects of the spa on their bodies. In addition, our guests also have access to a heated indoor pool, which rounds off the experience perfectly.



Our exclusive facial treatments with products from the renowned Germaine de Capuccini brand are a real treat for your skin. Every guest gets an individual consultation to find the perfect treatment for their skin.

And we also have a lot to offer for body and mind: Let our experienced masseurs pamper you and feel tension and stress vanish into thin air. Our experienced staff will be happy to put together a wellness programme to suit you.

Experience an unforgettable time in our wellness area and enjoy the feeling of being pampered all around. Book now and leave your everyday life behind you!


The Spa Table is suitable for exfoliating treatments and cosmetic applications. Inspired by the ancient traditions of Roman baths and Arab hammams, the Spa Table has the necessary functional properties for deep body cleansing. With Spa Table, you transform a cosmetic treatment into a true multi-sensory spa experience.

It is suitable for peelings, scrubs or savonnages and thus enables a real wellness ritual. The Spa Table ensures maximum hygiene and easy disinfection thanks to its Solid Surface cladding. The Spa Table can be heated to a temperature of 38-40°C, which helps prepare the body for the following treatments and improves their results.

The multisensory experience is enriched by an LED lighting system with 7 colours that can be activated in colour-changing mode or individually.