Royal Wellness Club at Nana Golden Beach is inspired by the elegance of state-of-the-art equipment of Italian brand Starpool, a world leader in wellness concepts. Specifically, in the wet are the guest comes across the Steam Bath which stands out because of the glass facade where one feels the atmosphere of a luxurious spa décor.

A few meters away the spa visitor finds the Glamour Sauna Pro, designed by Cristiano Mino, where one can enjoy a journey into the past at the heart of this fascinating Nordic culture. In Glamour Sauna Pro, skilled hands turn simple yet refined raw materials into judiciously detailed ambiences. Glamour because we know how to contrast the rules of the market with the fascination of tradition, a synonym for the quality of the materials and artistic workmanship of design that will satisfy and repay you over time.

* Important notice: The Spa is suitable for guests over 18 years of age. Under 18 years of age require parental consent. Children under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by the parent. Admittance in the indoor pool/wet area is not permitted



The Spa experience riches in high levels with the use of the Relax Area which resembles to a cave with stone wall. The guest has the opportunity to relax and feel the benefits of the spa use on his/her body.


Also, the spa visitor can choose amongst many spa treatments with the signature of skincare powerhouse, Germaine de Capuccini, which take place on one of the four electrical and comfortable Massage Beds by Italian company Lemi, a leader in spa equipment.

Also there is a big Indoor Pool and Sun Beds for those who want to equalize and optimize their physiological condition.


Spa Table is an innovative bed by Starpool – for exfoliations and other treatments that combines exclusive design with high functionality for the operator. Heated to the adjustable temperature for suitable accommodation, Spa Table is ideal for deep peeling treatments (scrub, gommage, sea salt and savonnage), but also for treatments requiring mud, clay and creamy wrap applications. Spa Table is, in fact, equipped with small shower heads for skin rinsing and cleaning. The multisensory experience is enhanced by the 7-color programmable LED system with rotary or fixed lighting. The practicality of Spa Table is enhanced with the small specific mattress placed on the bench that makes it a comfortable massage table.